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Over twenty-five years ago, Sonshine Products began manufacturing high quality covers for spas and hot tubs. Today, we have grown to be an industry leader in terms of quality and dependability.

As we’ve grown, we’ve maintained a family-owned business feel with a steadfast commitment to quality, customer service, and a never-ending quest to improve. From our service-oriented beginnings, we have proudly manufactured spa covers by holding fast to our philosophy that a good product will sell itself.

In addition to our ThermoShield spa covers, our product lineup includes a custom-made premium pool table cover that fits your customers exacting needs. We also are a full-service custom cut and sew shop that can work with you on anything from prototyping to mass production.

Contact us today and discover how our programs can impact your bottom line.

Quality is our first priority!

A spa covers is only as good as it's components, so we have selected high quality raw goods to go into our covers.

We have embraced advances in cutting and sealing technologies to deliver a product that is cutting edge, but also affordable.

Our employees are our backbone. Averaging over seven years in the industry, our team takes pride in producing high quality products.

Now delivering to Pittsburgh
We have expanded our Flat-Rate Delivery Program to include the Pittsburgh metro area. If you are a spa and hot tub store in and around Pittsburgh, give us a call and find out about our Flat-Rate Delivery Program that will have turn your back on the hassle and high costs of freight carriers forever.

New Online Ordering Now Available
Our new online ordering system is now active. We will still be taking orders through the old system for now, but we encourage you to start using the new store located at dealers.sonshineproducts.com. Contact your Sonshine Products customer service representative for login information.



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